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"You are only as good as your word. Honesty is the best policy. To have a friend, be one. The Laws of Life are the core values that we take with us wherever we go and whatever we do. The Laws of Life Essay Contest challenges young people of all ages to discover for themselves the values that will guide them throughout life." from LawsofLife.org

By writing about the "laws" or values by which they live their lives, students further their knowledge of and conviction to good character. Participating in a writing contest furthers both academic goals and character development. The contest structure also builds in participation of the wider community, encouraging business and community members to aid schools and parents in helping youth develop good character.

The Better Business Bureau Center for Character Ethics has joined forces with the John Templeton Foundation to promote this enriching essay contest for youth. The BBB Laws of Life Essay Contest is one of the BBB Center's premier "future workforce" programs aimed at developing the character of today's students so they become the ethical, responsible and trustworthy employees and citizens of tomorrow. The BBB Center for Character Ethics mission is to provide exemplary programming that the 122 Better Business Bureaus around the US and Canada can adopt in their areas. Some BBBs have already adopted the contest and sponsor regional contests for winners of local Laws of Life contests in their service area. The purpose of the regional contests is to encourage schools and communities to sponsor the local contests that create the character-rich dialogues and inspirational writing experiences for the youth in their area.